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[ebook Preview]Hannah: The Midwife Who Delivered Jesus

December 12, 2013

“Mom, when Jesus was born, where were all the women?” Marcie Rendon’s response is HANNAH: THE MIDWIFE WHO DELIVERED JESUS

Rendon, Marcie.  Hannah:  The Midwife Who Delivered Jesus.  November 11, 2011.  2000 words.  $4.99 Smashwords Download.  9781465974679.  Marcie Rendon’s daughters were raised in a matriarchal home. On Christmas Eve, 1990, one of her daughters asked her “Mom, when Jesus was born, where were all the women?” When I read that question, I thought to myself ‘Oh yeah! There’s only one female in that story!’

Marcie’s response to her daughter’s question is this e-book, Hannah: The Midwife Who Delivered Jesus.
This book is published on Smashwords.  You can read as sample for free online, but you have to create an account to download it.   The book itself is priced at $4.99.
Thank you Debbie Reese for blogging about this new-to-be timely classic.
– Sabrina C.
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